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Again on a very practical level, if you, as God said, “Today, if you hear his voice, harden not your hearts.” If you feel that God is trying to soften your heart and get through to you whether you’re an adult or a child, be sure and tell your parents and if you’re a child tell other adults. Adults, talk to those in your home or whatever.

But if God is calling you to make some turnarounds in your life, and soften, and open up, and be conscious of Him, and quit hiding junk, and deal with stuff -- soften you. If that’s going on, then the very nature of Christianity, the very nature of the way Jesus is, is be sure and open up and tell somebody about that. Tell others about that, so they can work with you on it. But don’t just store it up in your own head. That’s another one of the devil’s tricks is to keep it all going around in here. So be sure and open up and talk to your brothers and sisters, young or old about this stuff, physical or spiritual, because that’s part of the process of God doing miracles in our lives.

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