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There isn’t any reason in the world a nine-year-old can’t get up in the middle of the night and write down something that God is showing them that needs to change in their life, or a way that they can serve God better or help their parents more. There isn’t any reason in the world a nine-year-old couldn’t get up at two in the morning and write a note to themselves about how they need to change or some particular scripture verse that’s going through their mind, or a way that they could love others more and then go back to bed. That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Do you remember a little guy named Samuel in the Scriptures? Do you remember when he was living with Eli, the high priest? He heard God’s voice and he responded to God even in the middle of the night. How old was he? I don’t know. I mean it says that when he was weaned. In other words, he was probably two or three when he began to live with Eli. How old was he then? I don’t really know. But there isn’t any reason that a nine-year-old can’t respond to God’s call, be conscious of God, and be soft and be learning to hear God’s voice and be obedient -- preparing yourself to become a Christian someday be softening your heart a little bit at a time. A nine¬-year-old is not too young, a six- year-old is not too young. A four-year-old is not too young to be turning their eyes towards God, to be singing songs to God, and be obedient for God from the heart. Preparing yourself for the day that a miracle can happen, when you choose to be married to Jesus forever.

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