Small Choices Determine Your Future


  1. Small Choices Determine Your Future
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And that takes a little bit of work sometimes. At two in the morning or whatever it was this morning, I made a conscious choice that instead of being in bed, I was going to get up and write some things down. Now what do you think would have happened if at two in the morning I had some thoughts that I thought were really from God, but I decided it could what till morning. What do you think would’ve happened?

I don’t know what you would’ve done, but I would have forgotten. I would’ve at least lost the edge. Maybe I would’ve remembered a few of the words or some of the ideas. Maybe I would’ve forgotten I even had that thought at all. Maybe I would’ve forgotten that God spoke to me in that and made something alive in me. I might have forgotten it had happened at all and not even tried to remember it. Even if I tried to remember, how much would I have remembered? I don’t know.

But the thing is, if it’s something important, you’ve got to find a way to grab a hold of it and retain it, and persevere in it, which means you might just have to pop up out of bed at two in the morning, when it’s not convenient for you to do so. You might just have to pull off the side of the road if you’re driving to write something down and stick it on your dashboard. You may not be able to be lazy and careless with the jewels that God gives you and expect to grow spiritually. You got to be willing to pop out of bed at two in the morning and write it down. Think about it, pray about, and go back to bed after that. “Ya, but I got to get up early.” So what! What’s life about anyway? You’ve got to decide what’s most important to you. Popping out of bed is nothing if there’s something as precious, as important as God changing your life or someone else’s life. If that’s what’s at stake, how could a few minutes of sleep make any real difference in comparison?

Again, those are little crossroads. If I’m conscious of God and I have this thought that I really believe is from God that stirred my heart. If it’s God that I’m dealing with here, I’m going to say, “What is it Lord? What can I do? How should I respond to you? What do you want me to do?” I’m going to wake up, and I’m going to do something about it. I’m not just going to treat it like some casual subject that it’s not such a big deal if I happen to forget it. That’s ridiculous. It is a big deal, if I happen to forget it. Which means two in the morning, popping out of bed is not a problem. I’ve got to get up and shut off the alarm to go into my room to do it. So what! Big deal!

So we make our own futures by these seemingly small choices. Being conscious of God. These crossroads of whether we get up or we just think about it and hope we’ll remember. If we decide to pray when we feel God calling us to pray, or if we find other things to be busy with and we’ll take care of that later, but then we never really quite do. Do we stop everything? Those are crossroads. Those are decisions that we make that determine our future. They seem to be little things, but it’s these little tiny desires that sabotage our futures.

And that’s why many will be on the road to destruction and few will be those who find life eternal, springs of life, is because most people make dumb, self-centered, lazy choices. They don’t hear it, and retain it, and persevere in it like good soil does. They just make sloppy choices and they kind of forget it and all the opportunities God gave them, the convictions, the enlightenment, the opportunities to be soft and pliable, to say I’m sorry. “I’m not going to say I’m sorry. I’m going to let my pride block that. I’m not going to deal with this one area of my life because nobody knows about it, and so I’m not in any trouble, so I’m not going to deal with it.”

Those are choices that determine our future for better or worse. And many will be on the road that make all the sloppy choices. The road as God said, to destruction. And few will be those that say, “I want to be soft, I want to take the road that leads towards Him. I want to hear and retain. I want to be conscious of God. I want to deal with my desire for other things. My desire, I want it, I want it –- No, I’m going to put that aside. What do you want, Mom? What do you want, Dad? What do you want, God?” Those are the choices that determine spiritual greatness and a garden that flourishes and life that puts us in God’s lap where He can direct our step and bless us as He chooses, versus us being Gods to ourselves and destroying our lives with all these little things, a little bit at a time.

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