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Please do take the time to re-read this paper in light of what we’ve discussed since then. I think it will solidify a lot of this in your heart. I think everybody here is doing academic things as part of your life’s work. You know good and well you can’t read something today, study something today and just put it aside and forget about it. You know good and well you’ve got to pursue it. You’ve got to dig a little deeper, you’ve got to look at it from different angles. You have to remember it, you have to replay it, go back and look at it a week from now, a month from now, a year from now.

And that‘s how you learn anything, and how you make it a part of your life, whether it’s in the workplace or in some academic subject. Those of you that are working at some company someplace, Lily or Allison or wherever -- you know, you’ve got to be able to dig into this stuff and not just learn it one time and forget about, but to be able to explore it until it becomes second nature to you.

And these are the same sorts of issues in the spiritual world. We’ve got to hear and we’ve got to retain and we’ve got to persevere in Truth in order to produce the crop thirty, sixty, and a hundred fold. Hear it, retain it, and persevere in it, which means we’ve got to work it. We’ve got to mold it, you got to run it through your fingers, you got to think about. Bind it to your forehead and the doorframe of your home. You’ve got to put a note in your pocket and review it, think about. You’ve got to pray about it, ask God about it. Otherwise, you’re a foolish person according to the Scriptures, because you hear it, but you don’t do it. You walk away and forgot all about it. That’s a silly way to build. That’s a dumb way to build a life.

So, take the time to re-read these things and if a couple of phrases catch your attention and remind you of the bigger picture: conscious of God and desires for other things. Then print those things out and stick it to your computer monitor, or your desk, or the doorframe of your bedroom that will remind you day by day. It’s a little bit like the coat of arms on an ongoing basis. You know the thing that God is saying to you today. “Today, if you hear his voice, harden not your heart,” but also hear it, retain it, and persevere in it. The good soil hears, retains, and perseveres in it. So remind yourself of the things that register. When the light bulb pops on, you say, “Wow! That one sentence, that one phrase, that really stuck with me. That made sense, yeah, bingo!”

Well write those things down. Don’t let the devil steal those thoughts and those revelations from you. Write them down, chew on them, pray about them, think about them. Psalm 119 talks about that constantly of keeping God’s ways before you and pondering them, meditating on them, and chewing on them. The precious things that God has done for you, don’t just set them aside and forget they exist.

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