New Covenant Leadership Model from Hebrews and Jesus


A booklet was written about the same time as Jesus in His Fullness called Revelation of Christ.”

In that you’ll see that the “antidote” for OT hierarchy often used mistakenly in a New Testament context (Kip, Billy, Joel, TD - all of the staff and pyramid model of “automatic” leader). The Biblical Solution is NOT “no such thing as Leadership” (Rom12, Eph4, Heb13).
Heb1 and Heb13 are both in the same “short letter.” The same writer paints a NT model change in chapter 1, while affirming clearly an hour later in chapter 13 that leadership still exists. It’s simply not the same qualification or methodology in THIS Jesus-Covenant.

In the NEW Agreement (Covenant) from Heaven leadership is fluid, not positional and owned, as in days past (Heb.1). Life ANOINTING (spiritual Influence that bears Jesus’ fruit of Changed lives) has non-command-giving RELATIONAL “authority,” of respect, gratitude, fruit, love, life, wash basin service, and Jesus fragrance.
Leadership is no longer based on such things as position, eloquence, knowledge, wealth, ancestry, education, title, founding, or commands. God’s Intent has always been “a kingdom of Priests” not clergy or automatic anything that is not earned in daily life.
Just for clarification.

You don’t have to agree with that, but it’s 100% Biblical, and what we have lived for 38 years. Whether anyone you know of is embracing or living that NT Priesthood of “ANOINTING not position” doesn’t change what the Bible says. And the “ditch” on either side of the road, or loss of Eph.4, 1Cor.12, and Rom.12 is as tragic and fruitless as the OT hierarchy method attempted by most of modern Christianity, of course.

Everyone gets what they are really worth by ANOINTING in the Priesthood/Gift model, but not in the OT “pastoral” hierarchy model. “No anointing? No authority and no responsiveness.” With anointing, respect for Gift and walk, unless anointing goes missing. God raises up and puts down by His Son, Anointing.

How can a man believe unless someone is Sent? People. Gifts. Biblical. How beautiful on the mountains are those feet of earthen vessels who know and love Him and are willing to sacrifice to be a vessel.

There IS such thing as “Job 29 quality of Life.” That’s simply the Fruit of everyone “growing up into the Head” and “no longer infants tossed to and fro” and “the full measure of the Stature of Christ/Anointing.” But, there’s no “automatic” anything in THIS Covenant.

That’s a GOOD Thing, unless we are wanting to protect a hierarchy based on externals or bullying or words, rather than Jesus’ Life. :)
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