Only a Test


To a Few... Answer To a Letter, Where a Disciple Is Being Accused, And Slandered, And Is Wondering Whether To Let Others Just Poison Their Relationships, Or To Respond Somehow...

Well, I do recall that David did not consider it inappropriate to call out to Saul and all of his men, to clarify what was Truth and what was a lie. Having done that, he did not take vengeance or carry the weight of it further. It is entirely possible to lay out the Truth for all to see, and then to walk away from it without further comment or answer. Consider it.........

Having said that, it’s all simply rearranging the vapor particles with a breath here and a wave of the hand there. Life is “but a vapor” and you certainly don’t need to get depressed or TOOOO worn out by it. They are only dust in the wind, and not Reality. “This is only a test, not an actual emergency.” : ) Do your Best for Jesus and all, and go on.
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