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That’s what I find myself doing - trying to remind myself of verses. “Ok, God owns the cattle on a thousand hills.” I know it’s definitely not the highest way.

It’s better than not doing that. If you don’t do that, you are going to call God a liar. That’s really blatant, nasty stuff, to call God a liar - “God said this, but I don’t care. God said this, but that’s not how I feel about it.” That’s really serious. It’s better to adjust your thinking with truth, than it is to not adjust your thinking with truth, but better still to be truth. Be the ball, be the rabbit, be the truth, the truth that lives within you. That’s what Jesus manifested. The Pharisees, in some respects, manifested doing all the right things, knowing all the right things. They were also hypocrites; that certainly made it worse. They were doing much of what they did for show. But even if there were good Pharisees, like Gamaliel, Joseph, etc., somehow this external approach to the whole thing was still impotent and powerless to change the heart, mind, moods, feelings, the future.

It’s better to be the truth, to let it live and dwell in us that we abide in him and his words abide in us. It’s one thousand times better to be the word, than it is to know the word and try to do the word. Abide in it. Live in it. Make your home in it. Don’t let the things that choke that off get into your skull. satan does desire to have you and sift you as wheat. He does desire to take you and shake you around and knock you senseless.

I saw something on the news briefly about Israel, that one of the things they are getting in trouble for violation of human rights is when they are questioning someone they have in captivity trying to get information out of them, they don’t beat them with whips and pull their thumbnails off. They will make them stand in the middle of a room for hours at a time and put bright lights on them, put a hand on both sides of their shoulders and shake them. “Now will you answer?” “Now will you answer?” There are no bruises, nothing. But what happens is a lot of people have suffered all sorts of forms of amnesia and mental illness. It’s like the Shaken Baby Syndrome. It jostles your brain. That’s what satan desires to do. He desires to sift us as wheat. satan desires to shake us until we are brain dead. The issue is, “I would pray for you”, Jesus said, “that your faith fail not. satan wants to sift you as wheat, and I’m praying that your faith fail not.” In other words, keep your head in the game. “Think about what I’ve said, about who I am and what I offer. Think about what is true and holy and righteous and lovely and blameless and praiseworthy. Think on these things.” Hold onto the issues that define what life is in the unseen world, because satan wants to make you brain dead by battering you and shaking you and sifting you as wheat.

Jesus goes on to say, “When you are converted, strengthen your brothers. Use what I’ve shown you in going through all this pain and all this shaking and blubbering stuff satan wants to do to mess up your head.” Once you’ve held onto faith and held onto Jesus, take what you have learned from that, he said. “I pray for you that your faith fail not” and when you get your head on straight about all these things, turn and help your brothers. Feed my sheep. Use this to propagate what faith is. Use this to propagate what love is. Use this to propagate what hope is. Don’t waste these things on yourself. “I prayed for you, so you will be okay.

If your faith is intact, if your eyes are focused and clear, if you hold onto this thing and endure, then I want you to turn this into something that is valuable for my people. Turn and strengthen your brothers”, he went on to say. The main issue is that there is a center of gravity that each of us choose to live in. There is a whole realm, a whole universe between our ears that we either choose to live in faith and love and hope and obedience and saturated with the thoughts of God, the value system of God, or we can allow this universe to begin to be polluted with the cares and worries of the world, the thorns and the thistles that choke off life. We can allow that stuff to be in our head, in our moods and in our activities and our priorities, in the things we value, in the things we respond to.

Whether or not we choose to make something right is one of those really essential things. We’ve made a mistake; we have done something that was unlike Jesus. We either choose to make it right, we choose to ignore it or we choose to justify it. Two out of three you lose on. satan says, “Just don’t justify it. But you don’t really have to make it right, just as long as you just let it pass.” Actually, there is something very clear in the unseen world. If you want to sow in the unseen world and live there, where faith, love and hope are a natural habitat, these things just ricochet off of you instead of controlling your mind and emotions. You have to make the choice to annihilate the things that are in the wrong universe, not just tolerate them, not just overlook them, not just go around them, but actually get in and do something about it and make it right. Those are really subtle things that most people don’t know, which is why most people live in poverty their whole lives. Even if they are saved as one escaping through the flames, the vast majority of Christians live in poverty because they don’t know to do these things. Or they won’t do these things because it requires some humility that they don’t want to deal with, some effort they don’t want to put forth. Pride. That’s why God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble, because pride interferes with so many things that belong to Jesus. He opposes the things that allow us to poison our minds and not purge our minds of the things that need to be dealt with. It’s a habitat thing, basically.

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