Saturate Yourself in the Unseen


  1. Saturate Yourself in the Unseen
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The simplest way I can put it, just from experience, is that there are two universes that you can choose to live in. One is the seen and the other is the unseen. In the unseen realm, gold is pavement (as in the streets of gold), and it’s just not an issue. It’s not a commodity that draws a lot of attention and there is not a lot of unrest associated with it. The more you live in the unseen world rather than the seen world, the more everything falls into place automatically. You don’t have to make decisions about, have faith, have faith, have faith, because you see it for what it is. It’s not a scripture you are reminding yourself of about a cattle on a thousand hills, etc. It’s something you see as you walk through life. You associate your life with the unseen world government and principles, and the seen world doesn’t dominate your thinking and feeling anymore.

As new situations come up, you don’t have to re-associate the scripture with the new situation in some mechanical way, and fail for a while, and then jump back, “Okay, let me get my thinking straight.” Surely we should get our thinking straight when it’s not, but it’s far better to saturate yourself with living in the unseen realm. Remember the things that choke off the unseen realm in our hearts and lives? The cares and worries of the world, the deceitfulness of riches do that. There’s junk that chokes your ability to be saturated in and live in the unseen realm.

You could say it in a lot of other ways - the law of sowing and reaping, etc. But the point is, it isn’t a matter of reasoning ourselves into it, or convincing or persuading, or even enough experiences of it as much as it is just being saturated with and living in the unseen world.

If your affections drift into what a good job you did at work today and this great conversation, this sale, this task on time - if you give away affections to things like that - your plans for the future, your perception of the past - if you are always associating yourself with the seen world and the desires of the seen world and the affections and accomplishments of the seen world, the failures of the seen world, if that’s what you associate your thinking with all the time, then the unseen world isn’t going to have the hold on you that it needs to—to be able to allow you to react in the unseen world. You will always be trying to fix it and adjust it and adapt it, because your center of gravity is in the wrong world, thinking about yourself and the things of the world. It just keeps flopping that way.

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