The World "System"


The World “System” is not just an expression. It is truly a satanically devised “system” that is found throughout society in every era, and with great violent energy in these days.

The “system” follows a pattern, as all systems must. Though the pattern is very different than God’s, and particularly because the system is very different than God’s, it bears the fruit of destroying lives foolish enough to embrace Satan’s “system.” The appeal of this “system” to the masses is also because it is the opposite of God’s Ways, thus emboldening and enabling the animal flesh and pride of humans, while giving their conscience “wiggle room” to believe they are acting on the higher “good” as they break every Command of God that is in their way.

This “system” of Satan crosses all cultures and languages and national boundaries with ease. The World “System” uses words, “fine sounding arguments,” appealing maxims and slogans, persuasive oratory, and even misrepresented borrowed ideas from the Scriptures (as Satan did in the Garden—and at the pinnacle of the Temple to Jesus). “The end justifies the means” is at the core of the agenda of the “System.”

The World “System” seduces most, Jesus said, and the System condemns those who would dare to oppose or even question it. Thus, the World “System” blackmails the weak into committing the ultimate ugliness of soul: losing the will to act.

The “System” of Satan is a finely crafted web of benevolent sounding reasonings, using seductive secretions from religion, philosophy, psychology, ecology, biology, civil rights, “love” and other pseudo-intellectual “unquestionable” tenets to sway the fearful or lazy or ambitious masses. This pervasive “System” uses against the naïve their animal instincts of lust, pride, greed, sentiment, and fear—and the general refusal of most weak humans to think and question the conflicting precepts of the world “system” and its religions, and the TRAGIC fruit of it all. It is all calculated, with a smile. It is not accidental in the slightest. It is a plan, routed month by month, year by year into and around each life that will accept it. It promises fortune to the greedy, sympathy to the weak, recognition to the insecure, power to the lustful, romance to the sentimental, security to the lonely. And a trap door into Hell at the end of a short foray into the Theme Park illusion the “System” has tailored and prepared for any who will take the bait.

The “SYSTEM” depends on the provable historic track record of most weak humans “rolling over,” and then will claim that “since the masses embrace it, anyone who opposes or questions the System must be a bigot or seditious.” “Quantity of adherents” must prove it right, so they say. We’re told we must therefore ignore the TRAGIC fruit of society and humanistic religion, protected by the endless retorts of “the greater good justifies this atrocity we’ve been forced to conduct against the arrogant questioners.” Gas chambers for ethnicity or political non-compliance, guillotines for success or wealth or education, witch-hunt and nooses precipitated by superstition and religious bigotry, babies executed in the womb for reasons of selfishness, greed, or fear, and oil-soaked humans in bonfires prepared for those Christians who stood for the real Jesus in a climate where others didn’t want to hear about it. History is filled with mantras of “for the greater good” and “we’re just protecting the innocent” and “we must cleanse for a better tomorrow” and “we must have equality!” and (ironically, if you think about it) “if you don’t believe as we do, you are a bigot and narrow-minded dogmatist.”

The masses of humans have historically lost the heart to act under such pressures. Entire villages closed their eyes and noses to the blast furnaces just over the hillside, and ignored the trainloads and aroma of scorched human flesh in Poland and Germany in the 1940’s with all of their PhD's—not that many years ago, in a “civilized” society, “just like us.” The Roman populous adored the ripping of flesh and the ending of lives and families in the Coliseum. It was only a sport, after all. And even Jesus’ best friends ran away and did not stand up for Him when He was framed and mocked, and then murdered for all to see. They just couldn’t get it into focus and the slightest doubts and the slightest shreds of “maybe they’re right about THAT part” was enough for them to abandon entirely what they knew to be True in their hearts.

The World “System” is very real, and not hard to identify if one is expecting to see it in the news, on the internet, in the “pulpit” and all around them. The conspiracy and “System” intentionally mind-numbs and “dumbs down” as many as will give themselves over to continual and careless exposures to things originating in the World System, whether lyrical or flesh exhilarating music, dramatic or “funny” television, seductive clever commercials, internet, movies, animal biological rationale, or anything of the kind. If one questions it, they are crushed. If one procrastinates before the steam roller of the System, after the “System” has been “patient” enough, it will mock, ridicule, and then blackmail—even those who are often strong-enough in daily life…

…into committing the ultimate ugliness of soul: losing the will to act.


“But, we are not amongst those who shrink back and are destroyed, but those who abandon [into Jesus] and are delivered.”

“The world has been crucified to me, and I to the world.”

“Do not gloat over me, my enemy! Though I have fallen, I will rise. Though I sit in darkness, the LORD will be my light.”
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