Children: In Life, In Meetings, In Our Hearts

This is a collection of a decade or two of letters, questions, thoughts, and transcripts...from various times and places, cities and countries, for the purpose of lighting the path for those of you who are training the Next Generation to be Poet-Warriors for Jesus!


  1. In Life
  2. Raw Potential
  3. Your Life Not Your Words
  4. Who is Your "Family"?
  5. Loving Those Little Lambs
  6. Raising Children for the King Part 1
  7. No "Bottled" Answers
  8. Successful Child Rearing
  9. Father's Hand on Top of Ours
  10. Learning to Trust Our Father: Overcoming Our Self-Will
  11. God's Throne Has Wheels
  12. Just Like You
  13. A Very Practical Living Room Conversation
  14. A Hundred Mothers and Fathers...Yet, Order IN The House
  15. Respect is the Issue
  16. Raising Children for the King Part 2
  17. Our Children, and Extending God's Love Outside the FAMILY
  18. And Again, Who Is Your FAMILY? Holidays, "Families," Morphine, LSD...
  19. Where Do My Young Children Stand Before Jesus?
  20. HOW Do I Lead My Children to Brother and King JESUS, and to His Kingdom?
  21. Raising Children for the King Part 3
  22. Exhortation and Motivation to Raise Your Children Properly!
  23. The Hearts of the Fathers
  24. Roadmaps Toward a Pure Heart
  25. Just Like a Father
  26. Raising Children for the King Part 4
  27. Jesus, Master Teacher... How Did He Do It?
  28. Forget Un-church, Un-education... ONLY JESUS!
  29. Stand Amazed
  30. Apply His Truths to Everything
  31. Leadership: an Essential Element
  32. Programs vs. a Priesthood...
  33. A Capacity to Learn
  34. Learn and SHARE
  35. To College or Not To College... That is the question
  36. Transition from Young Person to Adult
  37. Young Persons' Interrelationships
  38. "Pen Pals"??
  39. Concerning Vanity
  40. A Peek into a Letter
  41. Goals of a Young Woman
  42. A Vision: The Children... The Church
  43. Youth is for Living in the Body of Christ
  44. Questions From a Non-institutional Setting
  45. More Regarding Children in "Meetings"
  46. TASTE the Powers of the Coming Age... and pass it on
  47. Life vs Illusion
  48. I Choose Life (response to "Life vs Illusion")
  49. Thoughts to Gain a Clearer Focus
  50. "Be Like a Become like Me..."
  51. The Hearts Will Turn—A Prophetic Promise
  52. Help Us, Father
  53. Just for FUN!
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